July 31, 2017 Scott Bohnsack

SOCOM to extend SIGINT network with body sensors.

SOCOM put out a request for information  for a body worn SIGINT sensor.  SOCOM is specifically interested in signals intelligence technologies, ideas and solutions which advance Body worn sensors with low Size Weight and Power (SWaP) with a Low profile DF antenna.

The Program Executive Officer for Special Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Exploitation (PEO – SRSE) outline some of the following objectives:

  • Software Defined Radio
  • Survey capability between the frequency range of 3 – 6,000 MHz
  • Provide Wideband automatic signal detection
  • Allow for remote zeroization and sanitation
  • Dedicated SIGINT Communications Architecture
  • LOS Meshed Network / Self-Healing connectivity to support collaborative operations
  • Store a minimum of 100 GB of data storage
  • Encryption for data-at-rest
  • Sensor shall weigh no more than 12 lb with batteries

The software must comply to ICD 503 protection level 3, Integrity Level Of Concern (ILOC) medium, Availability Level of Concern (ALOC) medium or equivalent Office of the Director of National intelligence (ODNI) directives/publications.

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